The Benefits of Hiring A Public Adjuster

If you’re considering filing a property insurance claim, you should also look into the possibility of hiring a public adjuster. Public adjusters are basically professionals who work on your behalf as a policyholder. They’re uniquely qualified to help individuals and small businesses when filing claims with their insurance company. Whether you’re seeking damages for flood, fire, wind, or storm damage, public adjusters can evaluate the damage and ensure that you get the full amount of your claim. Part of the benefit is that these professionals know the ins and outs of policy claims which you might not know.

If you’ve ever seen an insurance claim form, you know that they are filled with complicated terms and codes which can quickly become overwhelming to the untrained eye. Public adjusters have years of experience with these forms and with assessing damage, so they can make sure you get the maximum amount of your claim. Remember that most insurance companies will never pay more than they absolutely have to unless you can force them to do so. To get started with a public adjuster is often free; most public adjusters offer a free consultation and initial assessment.

Paying A Public Adjuster

Since the initial assessment is typically free of charge, most public adjusters make their money by charging a percentage of your successful claim. That is, once the insurance company awards you a settlement, the adjuster will take a small percentage of this. This fee can vary between different adjusters and, of course, depends largely upon the size of your insurance claim. It’s also capped by state law in certain areas, meaning you’re likely looking at less than 20% of your claim. They’re also often capped by dollar amount, so you may end up paying less. Either way, this fee is simply taken out of your successful insurance award.