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The major difference between our Public Adjusters and other Public Adjusters is the fact that we are very detail oriented and our main focus is to provide excellent customer service each and every time. If we are unable to provide the adequate service that our clients demand, we are doing them a disservice. Over our years of experience with thousands of claim settlements, we have been able deliver on our promises time and time again by maximizing our clients’ insurance claim settlements.

Insurance Claims Adjusters will step in and assist you when your residential homeowner’s claim is denied, delayed, or grossly underpaid. There are many cases where the homeowner policyholder personally files the claim themselves only to find out they were not awarded claim settlement they deserve. Problem is certain things were overlooked while filing the insurance claim or the documents were not filled out properly. This is where services of our experienced public adjusters prove their worth.

Our attention to detail and expertise allows us to settle homeowners claim a lot faster with far greater settlement amounts, than the homeowner policy holder doing it themselves. Do yourself a favor: hire one of out pros today and see for yourself, as thousands of other home owners in Illinois did, how quickly and effectively we get things done.

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Natural Disasters Claims

Our Public Adjusters and Disaster Consultants will help right after a catastrophe strikes.

No matter where you live in Illinois, you may be subjected to a disaster. We have assisted many hurricanes and tornadoes victims over the years. When a disaster happens our team springs into action to help business owners and homeowners in getting the insurance settlement they are entitled.

Insurance Claims Adjusters disaster team are on scene within 24 hours

Our team which consists of Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers, Disaster Recovery Consultants and other experts are assisting disaster victims all over Illinois. As you may recall recently, many areas in illinois suffered severe storms and tornadoes and this is where our Public Adjusters have proven to be very helpful to those who have suffered the worst hardships. Our public adjusters take the burden off the homeowner and business owners and allow them some normalcy in their lives.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Claims

At Claim Support Center our Fire Claim Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and Fire Claim Consultants have extensive experience dealing with all types of fire claims such as smoke and soot losses and large residential fire claim losses to extensive commercial fire claim losses that also includes the business interruption portion of the fire claim. We offer free fire claim evaluations. If you need assistance please contact our Disaster Consultants today (847) 801-9591.

Types of fire damage claims our public adjusters can assist you with:

  • Chimmey Fires
  • Kitchen Fire Claim
  • Electrical Fires
  • Puff Backs
  • Kitchen Smoke Damage
  • Electrical Fires
  • Arson
  • Cooking appliances
  • Heater Malfunctions
  • Fireplace
  • Cooking Fire Claim
  • Smoke damage from a neighbor
  • Acccidental Fires
  • Near total loss fires
  • Fires from lightening
  • Rental Apartament Fires
  • Chimney Fires
  • Brush Fires
  • Barbecue
  • Business Fires
  • Condominium Fires
  • Residental
  • Comercial Fires
  • Grease Fires
  • Smoke Damage
  • Fire Expousure
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Flood & Water Damage Claims

Water and flood damage can be devastating to home and business owners. It can also cause some very costly repairs. At Insurance Claims Adjusters, we are on your side. If your insurance company is not giving you the help you need, we can help get you the best possible insurance claim.

Our Public Adjusters are experts in water & flood damage coverage and policy regulations. We have adjusted thousands of water and flood claims over the years and are second to none when it comes to getting the best water / flood claim / pipe break claim settlements possible. If you need assistance, please contact our Disaster Consultants today (847) 801-9591.

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Wind & Storm Damage Claims

Our public adjusters have helped thousands of homeowners that suffered losses due to hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms and other wind damage claims over the years and have extensive experience. Our adjusting expertise includes Condominium losses, Condo Complex Losses, Commercial losses, and Residential losses. With our Adjusting experience, our knowledge of insurance policies, and our knowledge of State Statutes & Codes, Insurance Claims Adjusters is second to none in the State of Illinois when it comes to adjusting large loss catastrophic events.

Our public adjusters will protect the interest of the policyholder when event like hail or severe winds damage your property. We have noticed many insurance companies will attempt to delay, deny and defend their position rather than pay the claim in a timely matter and the amount that is owed.

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Hail Damage Claims

There’s bad weather outside and you start to hear consistent pounding outside on your roof, your car, your windows. Hail can be devastating to homes. Large pieces of hail can leave dents or even holes in roofs or other parts of your home’s exteriors. Especially in Chicago’s inclement weather, hail is not an uncommon phenomenon. Here at Insurance Claims Adjusters, we have a lot of experience with hail damage claims. Give us a call; we’re more than happy to help.

Our public adjusters will protect the interest of the policyholder when event like hail or severe winds damage your property. We have noticed the insurance company will attempt to delay, deny and defend their position rather than pay the claim in a timely matter and the amount that is owed.

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Other Types of Claims

When you call one of our public adjusters, they will open your claim and document your damage. Don’t think because your claim is small that its not worth opening, some damage which is seen as small to the homeowner ends up very large in the end. Additional damage may occur. Your home may continue to deteriorate and this additional damage may not be covered. Document all of your damage right away.

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