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Public Adjuster in Chicago

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We have represented thousands of homeowners over the years and maximized their homeowner claim settlements. We are one of best public adjusters and adjusting firms in Illinois. The insurance company has their own independent adjusters, most of which do not have the proper training nor the experience that our Insurance Claims Adjusters possess.

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Well skilled public adjusters in Chicago representing your best interests

The most effective claim adjusters Chicago has to offer

Professional public adjuster in Chicago to evaluate your property loss

Hire experienced public adjuster in Chicago to negotiate your insurance claim

Our public adjusters in Chicago make sure you’ll obtain the highest possible insurance settlement

For the best assistance with insurance claims look no further than our public adjusters in Chicago

You don’t have to deal with the insurer on your own. Let it to be done by professional claim adjusters in Chicago

Choose public adjuster Chicago who has years of experience in insurance claims adjusting!

Insurance adjuster is here for you to get the most out of your insurance policy


Insurance Claims Adjusters Inc.

At Insurance Claims Adjusters, our team of Public Adjusters, Insurance Appraisers and Disaster Consultants are the most experienced and professional in the insurance adjusting / consulting industry in Illinois. Each team member has the knowledge and training to successfully represent each clients interests by maximizing the insurance claim settlement. Our public adjusters, insurance appraisers and disaster consultants are all dedicated to assisting our clients and through our hard work in dedication we are able to obtain the results our clients deserve.

Years Experience
Each member of our staff has years of experience getting the best possible insurance payouts.We know how to fight for your rights and for your money through a claim when you need it most.
Quick Claims
With home and property damage, you need claims quickly! Our public adjusters achieve this promptly.Our goal is to make sure that when your life is turned upside-down after a disaster, that you get back on your feet, fast.
Friendly Staff
We work for you! Our friendly staff helps keep the stress of damages at bay. We are on your side and we’re always ready with a warm welcome to put you at ease.

Need a home restoration company? You are at the right place!

CLAIM is your one stop shop for all of your claims adjustment and home restoration needs. We are the public adjusters Chicago home and property owners have come to rely upon. As public adjusters, we help property owners get the monetary assistance they need from their insurance company. We are also happy to provide home restoration at affordable rates. If you are a property owner in need of a restoration company, check New Edge Home Improvement.
Accidents happen. When they do, choose us!
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The public adjuster Chicago can count on for obtaining great claims

CLAIM is proud to be acclaimed by their many clients for their high quality public adjuster Chicago services. Over the years, we have worked with many clients who have been engaged in struggles with their insurance company. In nearly every case, we have been able to send in one of our public adjusters to help and have gotten them the claim they needed. Here at CLAIM, we offer a public adjuster Chicago can depend on. Check out our many great reviews from clients. Their praise has delighted us—we were happy to help! We hope we can help you out next!

The insurance adjuster Chicago can count on for quality assistance when it’s needed most

Our Public Adjusters in Chicago Specialize in:

Insurance Claim Adjusters Inc. Services:


Natural Disasters Insurance Adjuster

Tornados, ice storms, flooding… Natural disasters are devastating to lives and property. Sometimes, your insurance company doesn’t do enough. Let us fight on your behalf so you can recover peacefully.


Fire Damage Public Adjuster

Fires are tragic. They can result in property damage both extreme and minimal. With fire damage comes smoke damage. Is your insurance company helping you enough? If not, we can.


Water Damage Public Adjuster

Chicago is wet. We have rain and snow frequently. This moisture can damage your property. Insurance claims adjusters look out for the company’s needs; let us look out for yours.


Flood Damage Insurance Adjuster

Floods cause all sorts of damage to property: structural or otherwise. These losses can be devastating. We’re the public adjusters Chicago homeowners trust to get the necessary help from insurance.


Storm Damage Public Adjuster

From fallen trees to lighting, Chicago storms can be disastrous. It’s common for storms to damage roofing, gutters, or siding. Let us help get the necessary funds from your insurance.


Hail Damage Insurance Adjuster

These falling chunks of ice cause havoc when our property is exposed to them. Hail can cause dents or even full-blown holes in roofs. Repairs are expensive; public adjuster near me Chicago can help.

Do you know all the advantages you are getting by working with a public adjuster?

Everyone would prefer to think that all insurance claims are easy to handle, but it is not the case. Many claims require extensive work and research and if at the moment of filling your claim has any misinterpretations of any kind of insurance policies, then all the process may be stopped and denied.

All our specialists have the proper experience to guide you during all your filling process without any error. In order to begin the process you must send all the documents the insurance company will ask you for. It is recommended that a public adjuster approve your documents to guarantee an effective result in which we will organize your documents and give the proper follow-up to your claims. At Insurance Claims Adjusters Chicago, we work with the best team to make sure you get the results you deserve.

WE'VE GOT YOU COVEREDTypes of Damage Claims



The Benefits of Hiring Public Adjuster

When you are facing damage in your home or business, it is in your best interest to use a public adjuster near me Chicago rather than the adjuster provided to you by your insurance company. Why? In short, public adjusters are on your side. The adjusters working for your insurance company represent the best interests of the insurance company. A public adjuster will work on your behalf to get you a fair settlement. Also, many public adjusters have much more training and experience.

  • Public adjuster near me Chicago only collect a fee if we are able to get your insurance company to pay for your damages.
  • Our Insurance Claims Adjusters disaster team are on scene within 24 hours notice.
  • Public adjusters are usually more highly trained than insurance company adjusters.
  • We are experts who can deal with insurance companies more efficiently than anyone.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSAbout Public Adjusters Chicago

What is an adjuster?

There are three types of insurance adjusters: a company adjuster, an independent adjuster, and a public adjuster near me Chicago. A company adjuster is employed by your insurance company. They represent the insurance company’s interest. An independent adjuster is a contractor hired by the insurance company. They represent the interests of the insurance company. A public adjuster Chicago is hired by you, and they work to represent your interests.

Am I required to hire a public adjuster for dealing with my insurance company?

Not at all. The services of a company adjuster or independent adjuster are free to you, provided by your insurance company. Often, these services are sufficient for your needs. However, in more extreme cases, a hiring a public adjuster may work to your benefit.

How do public adjusters get paid?

Unlike the services of a company adjuster or independent adjuster, a public adjuster Chicago is paid for by you. They often charge a fee that is a specified percentage of the insurance company’s claim.

Does my insurance policy cover a public adjuster’s fee?

No. They provide claim adjusters as part of your coverage, but they must be the ones they have hired. Anyone you hired must be paid for yourself.

If I read my policy, will I know my rights?

Yes and no. It is always good to know what your policy says, but many insurance companies will interpret their many, lengthy clauses differently than you might expect. A public adjuster deals with insurance claims on a daily basis and has learned how the insurance companies communicate and think. A public adjuster will stand up for your rights where you may struggle.

How long does it take to settle a claim with insurance adjusters Chicago?

The length of time needed to settle a claim depends on the size and complexity of the claim. It can range from only a few days in the case of small claims to 60-120 days for the average claim. We do everything we can to get your claim processed quickly and efficiently to help you get the assistance you need and return to your everyday life as soon as possible.

Professional Public Adjuster in Chicago

Team of premier public insurance adjusters and insurance claim specialists work only for you!

At Insurance Claims Adjusters, we will help you get the claim from your insurance company that you deserve. The insurance adjusters sent by your insurance company are looking out for the company’s needs—not yours. But as public adjusters, our one and only commitment is to you. Our team is highly experienced and has been very well trained. Through hard work and determination, we have helped countless families get the help they needed from their insurance company for repairs needed after damages.

Maximize your claim settlement with best public adjusters Chicago to offer

A wide variety of services can be claimed from public adjusters. If your home suffered damage from natural disasters, fire, smoke, water, flooding, mold, high winds, storm, hail, or other similar disasters, we can help. Our insurance adjusters team consisting of public adjusters, insurance appraisers, and disaster recovery consultants can be at your home within twenty-four hours to help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Damage to your home is most family’s worst nightmares—let us help you recover from some of that stress by taking on the dealings with your insurance company to get you the best possible rate.

Insurance Claim Adjusters Chicago is a licensed public adjuster, providing quick & efficient help at damages appraising for all homeowners in Chicago and nearby suburbs!

About Insurance Claims Adjusters Chicago

Insurance Claim Adjusters Chicago provide needed appraisals after disasters.

When damages occur to your home, they are usually unexpected. Most families have not been planning for imminent disasters that affect their homes. As such, if your insurance company refuses to pay out, you are often left in a bind. That is where Insurance Claims Adjusters come in. When we take a job, you are our priority. Don’t let your insurance company give you the run around. Our highly trained insurance adjusters know what we are looking for and how to get the best deals from your insurance company.

Top class public adjusters in Chicago at your service!

top quality public adjuster chicago


Testimonials of Insurance Claims Adjusters

Here at Insurance Claims Adjusters, Inc, you are our priority. When you are dealing with storm damage, water damage, fire damage, or any other sort of damage to your personal property, you are already undergoing a lot of stress. We know this, and we exist to help! Our public adjusters do their absolute best to get the best claim they can so that you can afford to get the repairs you need. We have helped many Chicagoland residents get the best deals out of their insurance companies. We hope we can assist you next. Just check out our amazing reviews.


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