Successful Insurance Claims in Chicago, IL – Basic Rules

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies can be intimidating to read but essential to understand especially when you have suffered from a property loss and an insurance claim is in order. Review your insurance claim coverage, your exclusions and deductibles, and your rights and responsibilities.


Be Timely

When property damage occurs, notify your insurance company immediately. Contact them via email, phone call, or other means necessary. If you need professional assistance, feel free to contact us at Insurance Claims Adjusters.

Keep Detailed Records Of Everything Pertaining To Your Claim

  • Write down every single conversation you hold with your insurance company, including the names of people you talk to, the date of the phone calls, emails, and other means of communication. 
  • Note your expenses after the property loss, including the property clean-up, short-term repairs, temporary housing expenses, and others.
  • Take photos and videos of your damaged property, as well as items that have been damaged along the way.
  • For lost items, obtain copies of the purchase receipts and note the manufacturer and item price. 


Negotiate Your Settlement

Negotiating an insurance claim settlement takes time. A professional public adjuster in Chicago can help you get the right insurance claim without the risk of getting lowballed or denied. Here are grey areas you should be aware of: 

  • The insurance company may interpret the policy to benefit them
  • There may be an incomplete appraisal of the property damage
  • The insurance company may lower its settlement offer including low repair claim


Hire Professional Representation

Our insurance claims adjusters in Chicago are licensed to perform assistance for policyholders in claiming for property loss. Hire a public adjuster around Chicago soon after the loss has occurred. They can review your policy, determine the scope of the property loss, submit the proper documentation, and negotiate on your behalf.