Are Public Adjusters in Chicago a Waste of Time?

Contractors can get a lot of work from insurance claims. But for you, as a busy contractor, you might think about hiring an independent claims adjuster in Chicago. They can do the leg-work for you and make a claim on your customer’s behalf.

Public adjusters will lock your customer into a contract. A good public adjuster will file the claim as soon as possible and follow-up regularly until a decision is made. But they have no influence on the outcome of a claim or in the time it takes to expedite a decision.

Should your claim be denied, there is nothing your claims adjuster can do. They cannot provide legal advice; all they can do is recommend that attorneys get involved. You can also advise your clients to do the work themselves.

The first step is to research how to file a homeowners’ claim. Get in touch with your insurance agent, who can give you some tips too. Take the claim yourself to be filed (this is what the public adjusters in Chicago do), and it will take a bit of your time. Know that hiring an insurance claim adjuster does not influence the insurance company’s decision; you may as well do it yourself. But it will be easier to let professionals do their job. Contact our public adjusters in Chicago today!