How and why are insurance claims denied?

Your homeowner’s insurance should completely cover most hail, wind, and storm damage to your roof. Also, public adjusters in Chicago should fully cover any interior damage caused by a roof leak. Unfortunately, in some instances, rejections are made. Here are the most typical reasons why public adjusters in Chicago refuse to pay roof damage.

  1. Exclusions for wind and hail. Exclusions for damages caused by wind and hail storms exist in some policies; however, they are extremely rare.
  2. Inability to address roof damage in a timely manner by the insurer. This one is comparable to contributory negligence. You’ll have a tough time gaining authorization of the insurance coverage if your roof has been leaking for several months.
  3. The policyholder’s inability to acknowledge the storm’s date. Public adjusters in Chicago track hail dates in the same way that insurance restoration contractors do. However, the majority of homeowners are unaware of the significance of this. You can’t just mention that your roof was damaged by hail; there has to be a specific storm on record.
  4. Roof damage from the past. Asphalt shingle roofs that are more than 10 or 15 years old will typically have great difficulty being covered for damages. Roofs don’t survive indefinitely, even in optimal circumstances.

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